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We offer you a simple and safe way of getting the medication you need, delivered to your door. Prescription Doctor is a team of professionals in the pharmaceutical industry committed to bringing you a supreme customer experience. Our medical expertise and consumer relation training ensures you always receive a high standard of care when ordering your prescription medication.

Complete Confidence for Your Peace of Mind

We understand that your health is important and also completely private which is why we always go the extra mile to ensure your complete confidence.

We’ve taken extraordinary measures to secure our entire website, keeping your details safe while hiding your information from any public domain. We have a commitment to delivering a discreet service and understand your need for trust and compliance.

Quick Solutions to Common Problems

Many of our customers use prescription doctor due to the sensitive nature of their complaint. Although we know that conditions such as pain relief and erectile dysfunction are commonplace there is still a lot of stigma and embarrassment attached when discussing with a GP.

This is why our customers choose Prescription Doctor as their online pharmacy for prescription medications as we help you find the right solution without any embarrassment.

Our Branded, Clinically Tested Medications

All of our medications are manufactured by common pharmaceutical brands, ensuring you receive a prescription treatment you’re familiar with. Our tablets and medicines have endured countless clinical trials to ensure they’re safe to take if all the information is read and understood.

24/7 Bespoke Support

Our customer service team are committed to excellence and will always try to satisfy any query you have. You also gain access to the professional knowledge of an EU Registered Prescriber who will ensure, through online consultation that the treatments are right for you.

Our 3 Step Ordering System

It’s easy to order prescription medication through Prescription Doctor, all you have to do is:

  1. Choose the treatment and pay
  2. Complete the online consultation
  3. Receive your medication the next day

Your medication is delivered on a weekday in completely private packaging that gives absolutely nothing away.

Start looking at treatment for the prescription medication that could offer relief from your symptoms within 24 hours.

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Regulated Services

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