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An allergy is an adverse immune response to typically harmless substances.

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Avamys 27.5mcg nasal spray 120 doses


Rated 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews
  • Inhibits allergic reaction
  • Long acting relief
  • Dispensed from UK registered pharmacy
Emerade 300mcg auto-injector allergy pen


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  • Treats severe allergic reaction
  • Can be administered through clothes
  • Available on prescription from our UK registered pharmacy
EpiPen adrenaline 0.3mg 2 auto-injector pens


Rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 reviews
  • Effective treatment for anaphylaxis
  • Fast acting
  • Sent from a registered pharmacy
Flixonase 50mcg nasal spray 130 doses


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  • Defends against allergens
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Dispensed from UK registered pharmacy
Jext 300mcg adrenaline 1 auto-injector pen


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  • Prefilled pen used to treat anaphylaxis
  • Secure online pharmacy service
  • Reviewed by a qualified practitioner
Levocetirizine 5mg 30 film-coated tablets


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  • Non-sedating antihistamine
  • Taken with or without food
  • Relieves irritating hay fever symptoms
Mometasone furoate 50mcg 140 doses nasal spray

Mometasone Furoate

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  • Easy to administer
  • Prevents daily symptoms
  • Dispensed from a UK registered pharmacy
Nasacort 55mcg nasal spray 120 doses


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  • Blocks allergic response
  • Effective during exposure
  • Dispensed from UK registered pharmacy
Nasonex mometasone furoate 50mcg nasal spray 140 doses


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  • Prevents allergy symptoms
  • Effective daily treatment
  • Dispensed from UK registered pharmacy
Xyzal 5mg levocetirizine 30 film-coated tablets


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  • Treats and prevents allergies
  • Tablet or oral suspension
  • Dispatched from a UK registered pharmacy

What are allergies?

Allergies are when an everyday substance triggers an autoimmune response. This response can cause a range of symptoms from sneezing to anaphylactic shock - an acute (occurring quickly) and life-threatening reaction.

Allergy triggers can also vary from person to person. Common allergies include:

  • Animal dander
  • Dairy
  • Dust or mould
  • Fish or crustaceans
  • Insect stings
  • Metals (gold, nickel, chromium)
  • Nuts
  • Pollen
  • Polymers (latex, nylon)
  • Wheat

In rare cases, simply being near one of these stimuli can trigger an allergic reaction.

What is an allergic reaction?

An allergic reaction occurs when the body's immune system issues a response to a typically harmless substance.

When a pathogen, such as a virus or bacteria, enters the body, the immune system fights the invasion by releasing antibodies. Coughing, sneezing, vomiting and other biological mechanisms engage in clearing the invasion.

However, the immune system can issue the same response against foreign bodies that are not normally harmful, such as pollen or dust. The responses can range from expulsion of the particles through coughing, sneezing or defecation to inflammatory responses, which generate more proteins to fight the foreign particles. In rare cases, the body can issue an anaphylactic response to a particular particle which causes constriction of muscles leading to dilation of the blood vessels and a severe drop in blood pressure.

How can you prevent allergic reactions?

Firstly, it's important to identify your allergies. Many people discover their allergens (substances which trigger allergic reactions) in their childhood. However, there is a chance you could be allergic to stimuli you have not encountered.

Once you are aware of your allergens, you can take appropriate precautions to minimise your risk of exposure to them. While this can be difficult and sometimes impractical, preventing exposure to stimuli which causes an unpleasant or life-threatening reaction is typically the best option.

If you can't avoid exposing yourself to an allergen, there are various treatments which can be taken before or after an allergic reaction takes place.

How can I treat my allergic reaction?

There are a variety of treatments available, though most only treat the symptoms, leaving you to manage the cause of the allergic reaction.

Antihistamines are popular choices for many allergies. These can be taken to prevent an allergic reaction from occurring or treat the symptoms of an allergic reaction as they appear. Antihistamines are available in tablets, eye drops, capsules and nasal sprays.

Decongestants can be taken if you experience a blocked nose brought on by an allergic reaction. Similarly to antihistamines, these are available as tablets, nasal sprays and capsules. However, decongestants should not be taken for long periods as they can aggravate symptoms.

Topical creams and gels can reduce rashes and itchiness that may happen as a result of a reaction. Many of these topical treatments can be bought over the counter from a chemist.

Steroids are used to reduce inflammation. Inhalers, nasal sprays, creams and tablets can contain steroids to treat the inflammation. Stronger treatments are available on prescription and can be prescribed by your GP.

For the treatment of anaphylaxis, an intramuscular adrenaline injection is given. During anaphylaxis, the blood pressure in the body drops to dangerously low levels. To counteract this, adrenaline constricts the blood vessels to increase the blood pressure to prevent cardiac arrest. In this situation, emergency services should be sought after immediately.

How to buy allergy medication online

For the treatment of anaphylaxis, Prescription Doctor offers 2 adrenaline auto-injector pens called EpiPen and Jext. These contain a shot of diluted adrenaline, which is injected directly into the outer thigh of the person suffering a severe allergic reaction.

Staying safe with Prescription Doctor

We understand the importance of allergy relief treatments. We only stock UK-licensed medicine and take extra care to ensure that the medicine you receive is right for you.

Our doctors are on hand for any questions regarding your allergies or treatments.

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