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Data Sharing Policy

Who we share your data with and why?

In order to provide our services, your data is shared with a number of different departments and organisations. We take great care when handling your data to ensure your safety.

Who What data is processed? Why?
Al Muhsineen staff Full data access To process orders and provide our services and support
Pharmacy (Halliwell Late Night Pharmacy) name, address, gender, date of birth, telephone number, email, prescription details To fulfil prescriptions
Royal Mail title/gender, name, address, telephone number To deliver your item
LexisNexis name, gender, date of birth, address To verify your identity
Doctor's surgeries (optional) title/gender, name, address, telephone number, date of birth, prescription details As requested to inform your doctor of your order
OVH Cloud Full data access (ISO 27001 compliant) To provide the online service and store data you provide.
Elavon (Sage Pay) title/gender, name, email address, payment card details including payment card and address To process payments.
Mailchimp email address, gender, birth year, country To send emails about orders, products, services and important safety information
Google email address, details send by patients to Al Muhsineen. To store files and documents
Google analytics types and version of device, operating system, web browser, geographic location, referring web page, gender, age range, search term used to find us, IP address and network, pages visited on, record of purchase To provide statistics about website visitors in order to improve our services
Vonage telephone number. To send SMS messages regarding your order
TrustPilot (optional) name, email address, submitted review text Review aggregation service
General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Full data access
Police as requested Personal data requests (subject to GMC guidance on patient confidentiality)
Banks name, address, email, telephone number To manage cases of fraudulent card use only

If you object to any of the ways we process your data, it is your right under the GDPR to restrict processing.

Please understand that some processing is necessary by law under GDPR Article 6 (1)(c) and Article 9 (h). Without processing certain data, we are unable to provide our products and services.

You can request to view all of your personal data we hold by sending an email to enquiries(a)prescriptiondoctor(dot)com. Upon request, we will provide all of your personal data in a readable and portable format.

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