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Eczema and Dermatitis

We offer a range of treatments for eczema, including E45 cream, Aveeno lotion and Hydrocortisone cream.

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Aveeno Cream 500ml Pump

Aveeno Cream

Rated 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews
  • Gentle on Skin
  • Moisturising
  • Available from a UK pharmacy
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Betnovate Cream


Rated 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Relieves itching
  • Available from a UK registered pharmacy
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Dermo 500 lotion 500ml pump

Dermol 500

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  • Prevents infections
  • Moisturises skin
  • Available to buy as a topical cream or a lotion
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E45 Cream Tube

E45 Cream

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  • Perfume-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Available without a prescription
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Eumovate 15g Tube


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  • Reduces inflammation
  • Soothes itching
  • Available from a UK pharmacy
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Hydrocortisone cream 50g tube

Hydrocortisone Cream

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  • Reduces swelling
  • Treats itching
  • Available from a UK registered pharmacy
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Adil BhalodaPharmacistGPhC: 2086262 Published on: 01/10/2021

What is Eczema?

Eczema (also referred to as dermatitis) is a chronic skin condition that causes dry and itching skin. The condition is not infectious and cannot be passed on to others, however it may be inherited if one or both of your parents have eczema.

There are different types of eczema, including:

  • contact dermatitis
  • discoid eczema
  • dyshidrotic eczema
  • seberrhoeic eczema
  • varicose eczema

The condition is often diagnosed in childhood, though it can also be diagnosed in adults.

The symptoms of eczema are typically characterised as:

  • dry skin
  • cracked skin
  • itching
  • soreness

If you are unsure whether the symptoms you are experiencing are caused by eczema, speak to your doctor.

It is currently not known what cause eczema, though allergies may play a role in the condition. It is also believed that atopic eczema may be inherited if your parents had the condition. If there is a history of dermatitis, hay fever or asthma in your family, then your chances of getting eczema are increased.

The symptoms of eczema can worsen during flare-ups, when a person is exposed to a trigger.

Triggers of eczema can include:

  • cleaning products
  • clothing materials
  • foods
  • hormonal changes (during periods or pregnancy in women)
  • stress
  • the weather

Keeping a diary of when your eczema flares up can be useful in determining triggers that worsen your symptoms. Once you determine the things that trigger your eczema, you can take active steps to avoid them.

Treatments for Eczema and Dermatitis

While there is no cure, there are a number of treatments for eczema and dermatitis which can help you manage your condition. Some treatments are available over the counter from pharmacies, while other treatments may only be available on prescription.

Moisturisers, also known as emollients, are a popular product which help to smooth and hydrate the skin. These are available as creams, gels, lotions and ointments that are applied to the skin. There are also bath additives and shower gels which can replace other toiletries.

Corticosteroids are another treatment for eczema. They work to reduce swelling and bring relief from itching, redness and irritation. A common corticosteroid that is used to treat eczema is known as hydrocortisone. This is available as a generic cream or under brands like HC45.

Other treatments for eczema can include antihistamines, to reduce itching and inflammation, or specialist treatments from a dermatologist.

You can order eczema treatments online from Prescription Doctor’s trusted UK pharmacy. We offer a range of popular treatments including E45 cream, Aveeno and hydrocortisone cream.

We offer a fast and discreet delivery on all orders. If your order is approved before 3pm on a weekday, our UK pharmacy will dispatch your item the same day via a next-day delivery.

Further tips for managing eczema

To prevent damage from scratching, keep your nails short and clean. This can prevent you accidentally cutting your skin, which can result in bleeding and an increased risk of infection.

Wear soft, finely woven fabrics to prevent damage to your skin. Avoid fabrics which irritate your skin.

If your eczema is sensitive to heat, keep your home cool. Heat and sweat can irritate patches of eczema.

Consider changing and washing your bedding more frequently. This is because sweat and dead skin can build up on bedding, causing further irritation to your skin.

Use a moisturiser every day to keep your skin hydrated. A daily moisturiser can prevent your skin from drying out and relieve some of the irritating symptoms of eczema.

Speak to your doctor or a dermatologist for tailored advice on managing your skin condition. They can help you choose the most appropriate treatments for your skin, and discuss how you can manage your condition.

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Treatments for Eczema and Dermatitis

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