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Patient Responsibility

The Patient shall be responsible for reading and understanding the Patient's Guide or information literature provided at the URL prior to consenting to undergo any Relevant Treatment;

The Patient shall to the best of their knowledge be responsible for providing complete, timely and truthful information with no omissions that could be reasonably judged to be required in the provision of a Relevant Treatment;

The Patient warrants and undertakes to fill in PrescriptionDoctor's registration form and consultation questionnaire truthfully and honestly, revealing and disclosing all relevant information truthfully and to the best of his/her knowledge. The Patient warrants that they are over 18 years of age. This Agreement becomes immediately void if the Patient answers any question untruthfully;

The Patient understands that any medical consultation performed by a Relevant Practitioner is for the specific purpose of identifying conditions related to the particular General Health Service requested and is not for the purpose of identifying a broader range of potential medical conditions;

The Patient agrees that by requesting any Relevant Treatment the Patient has formally given informed consent to a Relevant Practitioner prescribing treatment if necessary and the Patient agrees that sufficient information has been provided as to whether a Relevant Treatment is appropriate;

The Patient acknowledges that no test service is 100% accurate and that no treatment is guaranteed to treat the condition for which it is prescribed;

The Patient acknowledges that where the price of a General Health Service includes one course of treatment, one course of treatment may not be sufficient to cure or manage the condition in question and that the Patient may have to pay for a further course of treatment from PrescriptionDoctor if the first course of treatment is not effective;

The Patient agrees that any prescribed treatment from a Relevant Practitioner will be solely for their own personal use;

The Patient agrees that if a Relevant Practitioner prescribes treatment and the Patient is uncertain as to how to take the treatment the Patient will contact a Relevant Practitioner via their Patient Record held by PrescriptionDoctor and will wait for a response from a Relevant Practitioner before taking the prescribed treatment;

The Patient agrees that if they experience any noticeable side-effects from a prescribed treatment by a Relevant Practitioner, the Patient will contact a Relevant Practitioner via their Patient Record held by PrescriptionDoctor to allow the Relevant Practitioner to fulfil a duty of after-care and to allow the Relevant Practitioner to monitor the effectiveness of all General Health Services given;

 The Patient agrees that PrescriptionDoctor has advised all Patients that it is preferable to inform their General Practitioner (GP) of any General Health Service undertaken and that if the Patient requests PrescriptionDoctor will inform the Patient's GP;

The Patient agrees not to share their PrescriptionDoctor online login and password with anyone. The Patient will take all reasonable steps to ensure that a third party does not gain access to their PrescriptionDoctor online account;

The Patient agrees not to create more than one PrescriptionDoctor online account;

I've had a recent consultation with a physician.

I've been completely educated and recognize the risks, benefits and any side effects of the medications that I request.

I need the specific medications exclusively for my own use and that I agree to not provide or move the medication to any other parties.

Side effects or should any problems produce I agree to immediately contact a health care provider for aid or advice.

I confirm that I have answered all questions truthfully and to the best of my knowledge.

I understand that if I supply incorrect information it could lead to inappropriate advice being given to me or the wrong medicine being prescribed, which could be harmful to my health.

I will inform my own doctor about the medicines I received.


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