First of all, is it legal?
Who are Prescription Doctor?
What Prescription Medicines Do You Prescribe?
Payment and Refunds?
Postponed - Delay Order Delivery?
Early Reorder - Declined?
Chat Message Email Received, What do i do ?
Who Prescribes My Medication?
How Can I Pay for My Order?
Is My Doctor Notified about My Order?
How Do You Keep My Details Safe?
Do I Need to Wait in All Day for Delivery?
Do You Deliver on Weekends?
I Don’t Have a Credit Card, How Can I Pay?
My Order Hasn’t Arrived What Should I Do?
Are Your Medications Addictive?
What is Involved in the Consultation?
Can I Be Notified by Text?
How Do I Know Your Medications are Safe?
I Have a Question Who Can I Talk to?