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Our Team

At Prescription Doctor, we put you in the safe hands of a fully qualified medical team. Our online prescribers have extensive experience to ensure that all medicines are suitable for our patients. We utilise a team of pharmacists situated at a UK-based, GPhC registered pharmacy to handle the dispensing of all medication on our website.

Clinical staff

  • Mohammed Imran Lakhi

    Mohammed Imran Lakhi


    From being on the front lines of the healthcare system as a pharmacist at a number of GP surgeries, he's witnessed the growing demand for quick and convenient healthcare. Seeing an opportunity to improve the way his patients sought treatment, he turned his attention online and collaborated with Prescription Doctor.

  • Adil Bhaloda

    Adil Bhaloda

    Pharmacist & Clinical Lead

    Adil Bhaloda is our clinical lead and an independent prescriber here at Prescription Doctor. Adil enables us to safely prescribe the medication we offer through our online service. He oversees the issuing of prescriptions, ensuring that they are dispensed safely and in accordance to our UK pharmacy’s procedures and protocols. 



Admin staff

  • Mohammed Wadee

    Mohammed Wadee

    Governance and Administrator Manager

    Mohammed is the manager at PrescriptionDoctor and works closely with our medical team to ensure our service runs smoothly and safely. He has a masters degree in pharmacy and 4 years experience working in a community pharmacy. Mohammed also acts as a guru, answering any questions our writers have about products and services we provide.

  • James Stevenson

    James Stevenson

    Content Manager

    Under supervision of our medical team, James oversees all the written content on our website and social media. He writes about the products and services we offer, as well as articles about health and lifestyle. He works with our medical team to ensure the information is accurate, and regularly updates the content to ensure it is up-to-date.

  • Adam Patel

    Adam Patel

    Technical Director

    Adam is our systems architect and responsible for the application delivery of services. He is supported by a team of software developers and server engineers. Adam has an eye for detail and has been managing engineers since 2010, and has been with PrescriptionDoctor from the very beginning.

Customer Service