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What are the dangers of smoking?

As far as your health and wellbeing goes, smoking is one of the most dangerous habits you can have. Puffing on a cigarette increases your risk of developing over 50 serious health conditions – some of which are fatal.

Statistics suggest that up to 100,000 people a year die as a result of a smoking-related illness. Smoking is a major risk factor for lung cancer (it causes almost 90 per cent of cases of lung cancer), but is also associated with mouth, throat, oesophagus, bladder, kidney, liver, stomach and pancreas cancer too.

Smoking seriously affects your heart, increasing the risk of heart disease, heart attacks and stroke. Plus it can make other conditions, such as asthma, worse.

It might be a simple act to puff on a cigarette, but the effects on your health and body are lengthy. If you want to quit smoking, help is at hand from Prescription Doctor.

stop smoking zyban
stop smoking zyban


  • Scientists noticed that patients taking Zyban also stopped smoking
  • It significantly increases your chances of stopping smoking compared to plain willpower alone
  • You need a prescription to purchase Zyban which you can obtain from Prescription Doctor
  • You could receive your medication within 24 hours when ordered Mon to Fri
  • Treatments ordered from Prescription Dr are sourced from a UK manufacture / distributor.
stop smoking zyban
stop smoking zyban


  • Champix has been proven to be 33% more effective than other smoking cessation products
  • You take Champix while you still smoke, allowing you to gradually wean off nicotine
  • Champix is a course usually taken for a full 3 months
  • You should not take Champix if you have a history of depression
  • You can receive Champix on prescription within 24 hours through Prescription Doctor

What are the benefits of giving up smoking?

There are numerous benefits to be gained when you quit smoking. Even if you’ve been a regular smoker for 35 years or more, you’ll gain heaps of benefits by stopping.

Most importantly, when you stop smoking, you’ll improve your chance of having a long and healthy life. Other notable benefits include;

quit smoking info

  • Improved lung function – a reduction in coughing and wheezing, and an improvement in breathing.
  • Reduction in heart disease risk – your risk is cut in half when you quit smoking.
  • Reduced risk of lung cancer – when you quit, your risk becomes half that of someone who smokes.
  • Better skin – quitting smoking reduces facial ageing. Plus your skin will be clearer, brighter and better hydrated.
  • Whiter teeth – the appearance of your teeth will improve and those yellow stains will fade.
  • Fresher breath and clothes – your breath will smell fresher and your clothes will no longer be tainted by the smell of smoke.
  • Improved fertility – stopping smoking makes sperm more potent and helps the lining of the womb improve.
  • Better health for your family – no more passive smoking or inhaling second-hand smoke means improved health for your family too.

How can I quit smoking?

Nicotine is addictive, and withdrawal symptoms and cravings are common when you quit smoking. But the benefits far outweigh the negatives and it’s definitely a move that is worth pursuing and sticking to.

You’ll need strong willpower and resolve and, as well as support and encouragement from friends and family, using a smoking cessation product can help too.

There are various smoking cessation treatment options available, including patches, gums and medication. If you’re looking to buy clinically recognised medication to help you quit smoking, Prescription Doctor can help.

Which smoking cessation treatments are available from Prescription Doctor?

Prescription Doctor stock two successful and recognised smoking cessation treatments – Zyban and Champix.

The prescription medication, Zyban, helps you successfully quit smoking by reducing your cravings for nicotine. It’s a clinically tested product and trials have shown that people stop smoking in less than seven weeks when taking Zyban.

Champix is equally beneficial as a product to help you quit smoking. In clinical trials, people taking Champix were three times more likely to be successful at quitting smoking than people who didn’t have any smoking cessation help. When you take Champix, it will help to cut down on your nicotine withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

If you want to buy either of these two smoking cessation treatment products, they’re available online from Prescription Doctor.

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How do I get the most out of smoking cessation treatment?

In order to get the most out of smoking cessation treatment, always follow the guidelines sent with the product and use it as directed.

Some people experience side effects. If you’re worried that you could be affected, chat to one of our care team representatives for more information or advice.

Above all, be positive! Quitting smoking is an excellent move and you’ll reap the benefits. Plus, you’ll be quids in too, as you’ll save a significant amount of money by quitting.

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