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What is male hair loss?

Male hair loss is better known as baldness or going bald and is a very common situation for many men.

Hair loss can start in men as early as their 20s and 30s. It’s a genetically determined condition that is passed down through the males from generation to generation. So if your dad or grandfather when partially or fully bald at any early age, the chances are that you will too.

Women can experience hair loss as well, but it tends to start at a later age than in men. Women rarely lose hair in the same way as men or experience complete baldness.

male pattern baldness propecia
male pattern baldness propecia


  • Over 90% of men have reported an improvement in hair growth when taking Propecia
  • Propecia is a prescription medication for hair loss in men only and should not be taken by women
  • It takes up to three months before men start noticing improvement with Propecia
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What causes male hair loss?

Male hair loss is a genetic condition. It’s caused by an increased sensitivity in certain areas of the scalp to male sex hormones or androgens.

When the scalp becomes sensitive, the male sex hormones cause the hair follicles on your head to diminish. This means they’re unable to produce hair in the same way as previously and the hair gradually begins to recede. Hair that falls out doesn’t get replaced by new growth and the amount of hair on your head begins to go down.

Is there a typical pattern to male hair loss?

Yes, most men tend to start to lose their hair in a similar type of pattern.

hair loss

A receding hairline tends to be the first sign of male hair loss, followed by the hair on the top of the head getting thinner. As the hair on the top gets even thinner, a bald patch is likely to appear.

Over time, the receding hairline and bald top typically join together and form a U-shape of hair loss around the back and sides of a man’s head.

What treatments are available for male hair loss?

Some men are happy to be bald and don’t require any treatment. But for others – especially if it occurs at an early age – they’d prefer to have some hair.

Traditionally, wigs or toupees were used to replicate a full or partial head of hair. Although some wigs available now can look realistic, they’re not always a preferred or practical option.

Creams that can be rubbed onto the head are available, but the effects are debatable. Surgery is available too, but is a more major and often uncomfortable route to go down.

One treatment for male hair loss that can be purchased online from Prescription Doctor is Propecia.

Propecia is regarded as being one of the most effective hair loss treatments. It’s available in the form of 1mg tablets from Prescription Doctor and they need to be taken on a daily basis.

Propecia works by reducing hair loss and promoting hair regrowth for male pattern baldness.

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Can I do anything else to prevent hair loss?

If you’re genetically predisposed to male hair loss, then it’s difficult to prevent it. Sadly it’s a case of either accepting your baldness or trying one of the treatment methods.

If you’re interested in trying Propecia for male hair loss, then you can buy the medication online safely and securely from Prescription Doctor.


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