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Where can I buy finasteride in the UK?

The UK has various legitimate sources where drugs such as finasteride – used to prevent or slow down hair loss – can be bought. It is important to ensure that wherever you choose to buy your finasteride from it is a safe and secure place to do so; if you are concerned by anything you see when you are purchasing your drugs, it is best to step away and speak to a healthcare professional regarding the best places to buy from.

Remember, it is not possible to buy finasteride over the counter, and that means you will need a prescription from a GP before you can purchase this drug. If any site or pharmacy or even individual offers you finasteride without needing to see a prescription, do not buy from them; they won’t have checked that this is the right drug for you, and you won’t know if the drug itself is actually what you intended to purchase. It is simply too dangerous to go down this route.

Here are some suggestions for when you want to use finasteride to assist with your hair loss issues.

So, where can you buy Finasteride in the United Kingdom?

Your Local Pharmacy

After seeing your GP to talk through the different options available to you regarding your hair loss, you may be prescribed finasteride. If this is the case, you can drop your prescription into your local pharmacy.

Do remember that unless your finasteride is required urgently, it could be a few days before you are able to go back and collect your prescription; it will depend on whether your pharmacy has finasteride in stock or if they need to order it in.

Some pharmacies are able to deliver your medicines to you, if you'd prefer. Though it's important to point out that not pharmacies deliver prescriptions.

A Private GP

If you make an appointment with a private GP rather than an NHS one, then you may be able to be prescribed finasteride and buy it from the GP at the same time as your appointment. This is convenient and time effective, but it is a costly way to go about obtaining finasteride, and you will need to consider those costs carefully before committing to an appointment.

An Online Pharmacy

Buying finasteride, or any drug, online can be a difficult thing to do. Although easy and convenient, the internet is awash with websites that should be avoided because they are offering poor advice or they are selling drugs in a dangerous way.

At Prescription Doctor, you can be completely sure that you are buying from a legitimate online pharmacy. We have access to medical doctors who can prescribe and advise, and you can ask as many questions as you need to.

If you already have a prescription from your GP, we can assist with that to ensure you have the drugs you need. The medication you buy from Prescription Doctor will be in date and authentic, which is a hugely important piece of information to check if you choose to buy elsewhere.


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Rated 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews
  • Slows hair loss
  • Promote hair growth
  • Available from a UK registered pharmacy
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As long as you have a prescription for finasteride, there are a number of options open to you as to where you might buy the drug from.

Some options cost more than others, and some take more time. Which you choose is down to your own preferences, but for convenience, online pharmacies are often the best choice.

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