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Durex Intimate Feel

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Treatment Information

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Buy Durex Intimate Feel Condoms Online UK

Durex Intimate Feel condoms are not only a good way to protect from unwanted pregnancies and STI’s, they also come with extra lubrication for additional comfort and heightened sensitivity.

Durex Intimate Feel condoms have been recently rebranded as Durex Thin Feel Extra Lube.

They’re thin enough to look transparent for a skin-like feel, while still retaining the strength and durability Durex pride themselves in.

Designed to bring you closer through sex, Durex Intimate Feel condoms have also been specially formulated to have minimal smell, allowing you to worry less and enjoy more. You and your partner will experience enhanced feeling thanks to the specially made clear latex.

You can buy Durex Intimate Feel condoms online from Prescription Doctor with confidence. Our fast and discreet delivery ensures your privacy when you buy condoms online.

Who Are Durex Intimate Feel Condoms Best for?

Intimate Feel condoms differ from regular condoms in several ways.

The shearer, thinner latex makes for a skin-like feel and heightens the sensations of you and your partner, while still retaining the protective strength of the latex.

While all Durex condoms come pre-lubricated, Durex Intimate Feel condoms have added lubrication to prevent friction, making them more comfortable for you and your partner.

Durex have gone to great lengths to ensure their condoms are made to their high standards. They are dermatologically tested to ensure they are sensitive on the skin, free from fragrance and 100% electronically tested for durability.

Durex sources their latex responsibly to help benefit local communities, so they are also great for anyone who is environmentally-conscious.

How big are Durex Intimate Feel condoms?

These condoms are 56mm (2.2 inches) wide and 195mm (7.7 inches) in length, making them ideal for the majority of men.

They also have a teat end and easy-on shape for comfort and fit.

Do not use Durex Intimate Feel condoms if you or your partner have a latex allergy.

What is the Safest Way to Use Durex Intimate Feel Condoms?

You should always read the label on the packaging depending on which type of sex you are using them for.

Always check the expiry date before putting on the condom. The expiry date is printed on the box and each individual condom wrapper.

To open the wrapper, carefully tear from the serrated edge of the wrapper. Do not cut the condom wrapper with scissors as this risks damaging the condom.

Ensure the teat of the condom is pointing up and that the unrolled condom is on the outside. Place it over the tip the penis.

While pinching the teat of the condom to eliminate any trapped air, carefully unroll the condom down the shaft of the penis.

Once you have finished having sex, hold the condom from the base when withdrawing your penis – this prevents the condom accidentally slipping off or spilling.

Discard the condom in a bin. Never flush condoms down the toilet.

Never use the same condom more than once and remember to change to a fresh condom if you switch between anal, oral or vaginal sex.

These condoms can also be used with toys for hygiene purposes.

Can I Use Lube With Durex Intimate Feel Condoms?

While all Durex condoms come pre-lubricated, Durex Intimate Feel condoms have additional lubrication for a smoother experience. However, you can use additional lubrication if required.

When choosing lubricants, it’s important to stick to water-based lubricants for use with latex condoms. Oil-based lubricants can weaken the latex, decreasing the integrity of the condom and increasing the likeliness of the condom splitting.

If you are unsure whether a lubricant you are using can be used with latex condoms, check the label on the lubricant you are using.

Durex’ own lubricants are safe to use with their condoms.

Where Should I Store Durex Intimate Feel Condoms?

These condoms should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. You should avoid storing condoms in your wallet or glove box, as these warm environments can damage the latex of the condom over time.

Always store condoms out of the sight and reach from children and pets.

Never use a condom that has passed its expiry date.

How Effective Are Durex Intimate Feel Condoms?

No method of contraceptive can ensure 100% protection from unwanted pregnancy or STI’s.

Durex Intimate Feel condoms are 98% safe which means that, if 100 women used these condoms as their main form of contraceptive for one year, only 2 of them would fall pregnant.

Durex Intimate Feel condoms have been rigorously tested to ensure their safety and to make sure they meet the high standards required before condoms can be sold.

As well as being electronically tested, these condoms undergo a further 5 tests on every batch that is created to give users the safest condoms possible.

Condoms can be used in conjunction with hormonal contraceptives, such as the contraceptive pill or the vaginal ring, to further prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Having erectile problems?

It is important that condoms remain secure on the penis during sex to prevent mishaps. Erectile dysfunction can make it difficult for a condom to stay on, decreasing their contraceptive effectiveness and increasing your risk of STIs.

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, you can take a confidential online consultation with one of our doctors to determine your suitability for treatment.

Prescription Doctor offers several treatments for erectile dysfunction, including Viagra.

Table of contents

Buy Durex Intimate Feel Condoms Online UK

Who Are Durex Intimate Feel Condoms Best for?

What is the Safest Way to Use Durex Intimate Feel Condoms?

How Effective Are Durex Intimate Feel Condoms?

Having erectile problems?

Treatment information

  • Product Name: Durex Intimate Feel (Thin Feel + Extra Lube) Condoms
  • Manufacturer: Reckitt Benckiser
  • Material: Latex
  • Description: Thin and well lubricated, Durex' Intimate Feel condoms provide smooth and comfortable sex without compromising protection.
  • Price: 14.99 GBP

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Adil Bhaloda

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