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Nabeelah Illahi

Independent Prescriber

GphC 2081663

Your care is imperative to PrescriptionDoctor


Nabeelah Illahi brings a wealth of expertise and a patient-centric approach to healthcare. She is Practicing as an Independent Pharmacy Prescriber, registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council since 2014. Her educational background includes an MPharm from the University of Bradford, a Distinction in Clinical Pharmacy Diploma from the University of Belfast, alongside specialised training in Non-medical Prescribing at the University of Bolton and completion of the CPPE Pharmacist in Primary Practice course.

Professionally, Nabeelah's experience spans multiple facets of pharmacy, currently serving as a Band 8a Senior Practice-Based Clinical Pharmacist and a Remote Independent Prescriber since January 2022. Her expertise, particularly in pain management and de-prescribing, was honed during her time as a Band 7 Practice-Based Clinical Pharmacist. Additionally, Nabeelah's role as a Locum Community Pharmacist since August 2014 has fortified her adaptability and crisis management skills, which are crucial for navigating the dynamic healthcare landscape.

Her work at the Royal Bolton Hospital as a Clinical Pharmacist (Band 6 and 7) contributed to her comprehensive clinical knowledge and skillset through active involvement in various specialities and multidisciplinary teams. Nabeelah's patient-focused approach and excellent interpersonal skills, alongside her commitment to learning and professional growth. Nabeelah Illahi is a patient-centered, innovative pharmacy professional dedicated to enhancing patient care through her expertise, team spirit, and a proactive approach. Her diverse experience and continuous pursuit of excellence make her a valuable asset to our medical team.


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