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How Long Does Stud 100 Take To Work?

Stud 100, a treatment for premature ejaculation, is a subject many men are hesitant to discuss. This reluctance often leads to a sense of isolation, despite the issue being quite common and often linked to stress, anxiety, or physical health.

If you're contemplating using Stud 100, which contains lidocaine, it's crucial to consult a healthcare professional for proper guidance. You may also be curious about how long it takes for the medication to work; read on for more information on this aspect.

Speed of Action

If you need to take Stud 100 (lidocaine), you’ll want to know how long it’s going to take to work and ensure that it’s fast-acting. Generally, this topical anaesthetic is designed to relieve symptoms quickly, but of course, the speed at which it works will vary from person to person. Some, however, will experience results in just a few minutes.

It’s the absorption rate of Stud 100 (lidocaine) that really makes a difference, and the key here is to apply it exactly as the instructions say and allow time for it to be absorbed.

Treatment Duration

If you’re thinking of using Stud 100 to help you with your symptoms, it’s useful to know how long it remains in your system, and that’s down to the half-life – knowing the half-life of Stud 100 can help you work out its effectiveness.

The average half-life of lidocaine is around one and a half to two hours, meaning that its effects can last for several hours. This is one reason why it’s a good choice when it comes to dealing with the issue of premature ejaculation.

The recommended treatment duration for Stud 100 (lidocaine) will usually vary and depends on the individual taking the medication, which is why it’s vital to see a doctor for advice and not to self-medicate.

Long-Term Use

While it’s clear that Stud 100 (lidocaine) can offer excellent short-term relief, you might be concerned about long-term use and whether that’s safe or even effective. NHS medical guidelines recommend using Stud 100 only under the guidance of a healthcare provider, especially since using topical products for an extended period could lead to potential risks which would outweigh the benefits.

Dosage and Factors Affecting Efficacy

The effectiveness of Stud 100 can be influenced by all kinds of factors, such as age, pre-existing health conditions, missed doses, and other medications. Plus, an underlying health issue might need to be addressed.

What To Do If You Find The Dose Ineffective

If you find that taking Stud 100 isn’t helping, it’s important to see your doctor, just as you would if you suffered any side effects. They’ll be able to suggest alternative treatments and further assistance.


In summary, Stud 100 (lidocaine) offers a potentially effective solution for treating premature ejaculation, with its speed of action generally being quite fast. However, the time it takes to work can differ from individual to individual, influenced by various factors such as age, overall health, and correct application.

While the anaesthetic effects may last for several hours, the suitability of long-term use should be determined by a healthcare provider. It's crucial to consult with a medical professional for a personalised treatment plan, and if you find the medication ineffective, alternative options may be explored.


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