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The UK has the fourth highest obesity rate in Europe, according to a WHO study, with almost 27% of adults considered to be obese in 2018 (1). This has led to an increased demand for weight loss services, such as nutritional advice and personalised programmes that address long-term changes to eating habits and lifestyle. There are now a variety of weight loss options available in the UK, including specialist clinics, online programmes, and NHS-funded choices. Gym memberships, dietitians, and healthy-eating apps are all popular choices that can offer tailored guidance and advice.


In addition to traditional diets, bariatric procedures and surgery are available from NHS providers. These resources can be of benefit to those who qualify and who may otherwise find it difficult to lose a large amount of weight without help.

The popularity of health and fitness and improved accessibility to information and resources have made it easier for people to judge their health. There is growing evidence to support the use of mindful eating practices to aid in making sustainable lifestyle changes and reaching a healthier weight. These practices, such as mindful snacking, mindful eating, and mindful cooking, can help to introduce healthier eating habits and avoid regular bouts of dieting.

Overall, there is an increasing demand for weight loss services in the UK. From traditional diets to mindfulness practices, individuals now have access to a wide range of resources to help them reach a healthier weight.

Mysimba is currently available in the UK online. You can request Mysimba treatment via our online consultation process.

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