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FFP2/KN95 Face Masks

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This mask is intended as a face covering only - not for PPE or medical purposes.


Buy KN95 face masks online

You can buy KN95 face masks (FFP2 equivalent) online from Prescription Doctor. We offer valved and unvalved variants of our disposable KN95 masks. We offer a next-day discreet delivery service on orders.

Respirator masks are a form of personal protection equipment (PPE) which are used to provide adequate protection against particulate matter in the air, such as dust, pollen, vapours and aerosol droplets.

FFP (filtering face piece) and NIOSH (N) mask number is a type of protective rating which is used to show the effectiveness of the face mask against particles in the air.

The three typical types of face masks are:

FFP rating NIOSH rating
FFP1 No equivalent (78% efficiency)
FFP2 KN95 (95% efficiency)
FFP3 N99 (99% efficiency)


FFP2/KN95 face masks can be fitted with or without a valve. The valved masks allow air to be exhaled from the mask, making them more breathable, while reducing the risk of infection from . The un-valved masks have filters built into the fabric of the face mask, making them lightweight and more comfortable to wear.


What are FFP2/KN95 face masks for?

KN95 face masks protect your airways from harmful particles. They act as a barrier, filtering out the harmful particles in the air and stopping them from entering your respiratory tract through your nose and mouth.

KN95 respirators provide protection against the following particles:

  • Wood dust
  • Brick, cement, plaster and tile dust
  • Glass and mineral fibres (asbestos)
  • Metallic dust from grinding or milling
  • Particles from sorting and disposal of general waste
  • Pollen, pet hair, house dust and other allergens
  • Liquid aerosols

FFP3 masks offer added protection against airborne bacteria and viruses, such as SARS, MERS and Covid-19. Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends wearing an FFP3 face mask to protect yourself and others from coronavirus. Unfortauntely, we do not currently offer FFP3 face masks through our online service.

It's important to understand the ratings in order to determine which rating of mask you require. FFP2/KN95 face masks filter out 95% of potentially harmful particles in the air.

Where can I buy FFP2/KN95 face masks UK?

You can buy KN95 face masks online from Prescription Doctor's UK based online pharmacy. We offer both valved and unvalved KN95 respirator masks, as well as standard surgical masks.

Where to buy face masks online
KN95 face mask Buy KN95 face mask
Face masks online Buy FFP2 face mask
Surgical masks online Buy surgical masks UK
FFP2 masks online Respirator masks online


Why should I wear an FFP2/N95 respirator face mask?

In certain industrial environments, such as construction, manufacturing and healthcare, PPE is required to keep people safe from particles which can enter the respiratory tract and cause infection.

Hazardous materials, such as smoke from soldering and welding, dust from dry materials such as bricks, cement, metal and wood, fibrous glass and minerals (such as asbestos), radioactive dust and fine aerosol particles can cause damage to the airways and lungs when inhaled. In some cases, these materials can pose a significant risk to your health.

Public Health England (PHE) and World Health Organisation (WHO) have recommended using FFP3 face masks for protection during outbreaks like MERS, SARS and currently, COVID-19. The NHS has also recommended using FFP3 face masks when caring for patients across various caring environments and hospitals.

Before entering an environment which contains harmful particulate matter, it is important to wear adequate protection to prevent inhalation of dangerous particles.

What do FFP2/KN95 face masks look like?

KN95 face masks are pieces of fabric which cover the nose and mouth. They are attached to the face with elastic which loop around the back of the ear or the back of the head.

Valved masks have a small circle on the side which lets exhaled air to escape but prevents harmful particles from being breathed in.

How do FFP2/KN95 face masks work?

FFP2/KN95 face masks are made from a tightly woven fabric which blocks out substances such as germs, dust, pollen and other microscopic particles. The amount of protection the mask provides depends on the rating, with FFP3 face masks offering the highest amount of protection.

The mask covers the nostrils and mouth, which are the two primary points of entry for airborne particles.

On masks with a valve, a small circular filter is built in on the front of the mask, preventing particles from entering when breathing in through your nose and mouth, while letting you breathe out air easily. These filters need to be replaced over time in order for the mask to remain protective.

On masks which do not feature a valve, the filter is built into the material of the mask.

How do I wear an FFP2/KN95 face mask?

The KN95 face mask can be worn by anyone by simply holding the mask over your nose and mouth and pulling both elastic headbands over your head, adjusting it until it fits comfortably. The face mask should create a tight seal around your nose and mouth to prevent particles from getting between the mask and your skin.

You should wear the face mask before any exposure to areas where there is a risk of contamination with airborne particles.

It is recommended to wear an KN95 face mask while out in public, especially if you will be travelling via public transport. Face masks not only protect you from breathing in harmful particles but protect others from breathing in germs when you cough or sneeze.

You should change your respirator regularly - every 8 to 10 hours is the common recommendation, regardless of whether it is visibly dirty. Tiny particles can build up in the filter of the mask, which can detrimentally impact your ability to breathe whilst wearing the mask.

It is important to be cautious when removing your face mask. Do not touch the front of the face mask as this is where all the contaminants will be situated. Instead, remove the face mask by pulling away the elastic which holds the mask to your face. Discard of the mask in a bin or in accordance with your local or workplace guidelines.

Do not discard your face mask on the street. If you are wearing a face mask to protect yourself from coronavirus while out in public, you should keep wearing your mask until you are home. Not only will this protect the environment, but it will also protect you and others during your commute home.

You should always wash your hands before and after wearing a face mask. Failing to wash your hands can risk contaminating the face mask.

Can I wash my FFP2/KN95 face mask and use it again?

While it might sound like a good idea, washing your mask can destroy the structural integrity of the mask and damage the material.

We understand that there are guides online on how to wash your mask and use it again, though we strongly advise against this as it is unknown whether the amount of protection the mask provides is affected by washing your mask.

Once you have worn your mask and you are away from the hazardous material, discard your mask appropriately.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between valved and un-valved respirator masks?

While the valve doesn't offer any benefits in terms of protection, it can make the mask more comfortable to wear.

As you continue to wear the mask, exhaled air in the mask can make the mask feel stuffy and uncomfortable. The exhalation valve helps to vent some of this warm air from the mask.

This can make it easier to breath and prevent warm air from escaping through the top of the mask and into the eyes. This can be a particular nuisance for those who wear glasses, as the warm air can build up as condensation on the lenses of glasses, impairing vision.

Can FFP2/KN95 face masks be used more than once?

Face masks are manufactured for single use only. They should be replaced every 8 hours as the front of the mask becomes gradually more infected with particles, which can affect your breathing.

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), you can continue to use a face mask, so long as the structural integrity of the mask remains intact and there is no visible damage or spoiling, which may impact the safety of the mask.

In environments where you might be exposed to bacteria or viruses, it is important to throw away your used mask and wash your hands.

Will an FFP3 mask protect me against Covid-19?

FFP3 face masks have been tested and recommended by the NHS and WHO, to provide protection against bacteria and viruses like SARS and COVID-19.

FFP2/N95/KN95 masks are not as effective at blocking out bacteria and viruses as FFP3/N99 face masks. However, they still offer adequate protection against pollen, dust and some chemical vapours, making them suitable for industrial applications.

When should I wear an FFP2/KN95 face mask?

You should wear face masks if you are at risk of exposure to bacteria, viruses, fine aerosol particles, radioactive dust, asbestos and smoke particles from welding or soldering.

The guidance on wearing a face mask during face masks to protect yourself and others against the spread of coronavirus currently only applies to persons in households with suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19 or when giving care to someone who has a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19.

Are FFP2 masks the same as KN95 masks?

FFP and NIOSH ratings are arbitrary scales which determine the level of protection a mask provides.

FFP is the European standard which denotes the level of protection as 1, 2 and 3, where 1 is the minimum amount of protection the respirator provides. You may see the FFP ratings abbreviated further to just P1, P2 and P3 masks.

NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) is the standard for the United States of America. The number in their rating system relates to the percentage. For example KN95 respirators filter out 95% of airborne particulates while N99 filter out 99% of airborne particulates.

Simply put, an FFP2 mask is equivalent to an KN95 mask, while an FFP3 mask is equivalent to an N99 mask in terms of how effective they are at blocking out particles.

While it's easy to assimilate the two ratings, it's important to understand that the ratings used in America and China are not the same as those used in the United Kingdom as they are evaluated based on different sets of criteria.

Likewise, KN95 offer the same protection as KN95 but are manufactured in accordance with Chinese guidelines.

Essentially, FFP2, KN95 and KN95 masks offer the same amount of protection, blocking out 95% of particles.

Where can I buy KN95 face masks online?

You can buy KN95 face masks online from Prescription Doctor to protect yourself from dust, pollen and other partiulate matter. All of our face masks are dispatched from a UK regulated pharmacy via a next-day delivery service.

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