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Xenical (Orlistat)

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Treatment Information

Table of contents

Patient Reviews: How Xenical (Orlistat) Has Made a Difference

Orlistat: Effective Weight Loss Medicine

Looking to shed those extra pounds? Orlistat, also known as Xenical, is a powerful weight loss medicine. When used alongside a low-fat, reduced-calorie diet, it can help you lose 5% or more of your body mass within a year.

How Orlistat (Xenical) Works

Orlistat, also known by the brand name Xenical, contains the active ingredient that suppresses the enzymes in the gut responsible for processing the fat you consume in your diet. By blocking these enzymes, Orlistat allows a significant portion of the dietary fat to pass through your body without being absorbed, leading to weight loss.

Proper Use of Orlistat

To ensure optimal results, take one 120mg Orlistat tablet immediately before, during, or within an hour after each of your three main meals of the day. If a meal is skipped or contains no fat, there is no need to take Xenical. Taking additional Orlistat before a meal will not accelerate weight loss but may increase the risk of side effects. Importance of a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Please note that Orlistat is most effective when combined with a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise. Simply taking Orlistat without following a comprehensive weight loss plan may not yield the desired results and may increase the risk of side effects.

Orlistat Options: Xenical and More

Orlistat is available in 120mg capsules, commonly sold under brand names such as Xenical, Alli, and Orlos. Choose the option that suits your preferences and embark on your weight loss journey with confidence.

Achieve Lasting Results

It's important to note that Orlistat is most effective when combined with a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise. Simply taking Orlistat alone, without making lifestyle changes, is unlikely to yield desirable results and may increase the risk of side effects. It's crucial to adopt sustainable habits for long-term success.

Important Considerations and Side Effects

While taking Orlistat, it is important to avoid high-fat foods and instead focus on a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Consuming fatty foods while on Orlistat may lead to steatorrhoea, a condition characterized by loose and oily stools. Before starting Xenical, carefully read the patient information leaflet for essential instructions on storage, potential side effects, and safety information. If you experience any side effects or have concerns, consult your doctor or pharmacist promptly.

Understanding the Potential Side Effects of Orlistat

  • Abdominal pain: Some individuals may experience discomfort or pain in the abdominal area.
  • Flatulence (wind) with discharge: Orlistat can cause increased gas production and sometimes oily discharge.
  • Headache: Headaches are a possible side effect of Orlistat treatment.
  • Increased or urgent need to go to the toilet: Orlistat may lead to increased frequency or urgency of bowel movements.
  • Liquid stools (diarrhoea): Loose or watery stools can occur as a result of Orlistat use.
  • Low blood sugar levels: In some cases, Orlistat can cause a drop in blood sugar levels, leading to symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, or confusion.
  • Oily discharge: Orlistat may cause oily discharge from the rectum, which can be unpleasant.
  • Oily or fatty stools (steatorrhea): Orlistat affects the digestion and absorption of dietary fats, resulting in oily or fatty stools.
  • Bloating: Some individuals may experience bloating or a feeling of fullness in the stomach.
  • Incontinence: Orlistat can lead to difficulty controlling bowel movements, resulting in incontinence.
  • Irregularity of menstrual cycle: Women may experience changes in their menstrual cycle while taking Orlistat.
  • Rectal pain: Orlistat can cause discomfort or pain in the rectal area.
  • Soft stools: Stools may become softer or less formed as a result of Orlistat use.
  • Teeth and gum disorders: Orlistat has been associated with dental issues such as gum disease or tooth decay in some cases.
  • Tiredness: Fatigue or tiredness can occur as a side effect of Orlistat.

It's important to note that not everyone will experience these side effects, and they may vary in severity. If you have any concerns or experience persistent or severe side effects, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for further guidance.

Precautions and Allergies

Orlistat weight loss pills may not be suitable for everyone. If you have any uncertainties about the safety of taking Orlistat, consult your doctor or pharmacist. Avoid using Xenical if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. Should you experience signs of an allergic reaction, such as difficulty breathing or swelling, seek immediate medical attention.

Convenient and Confidential Service

At PrescriptionDoctor, we understand the importance of convenience and privacy. Our online pharmacy provides a confidential service, delivering the weight loss treatment you need right to your doorstep. Place your order before 3 pm, Monday to Friday, and our UK pharmacy will dispatch it the same day for next-day discreet delivery.

Weight Loss Tips

Remember that weight loss requires a holistic approach. In addition to taking Orlistat, commit to a healthy diet, portion control, and regular exercise. These lifestyle changes will contribute to your long-term success in achieving a healthier weight. Seek support from family and friends, as their encouragement can make your weight loss journey more manageable.

Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today

If you're ready to take control of your weight and achieve your goals, Orlistat can be a valuable tool on your weight loss journey. Consult with our qualified healthcare professionals to determine if Orlistat is suitable for you. Begin your weight loss journey with PrescriptionDoctor and experience the convenience of our online pharmacy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Orlistat (Xenical)

What results can I expect from taking Orlistat?

When combined with a controlled diet and exercise routine, Orlistat can help you lose 5% or more of your body weight within the first 12 weeks.

Can I drink alcohol while taking Orlistat?

While there is no evidence that alcohol affects Orlistat directly, it is advisable to reduce or avoid alcoholic beverages as they are high in calories and can hinder weight loss.

Do I still need to exercise if I'm taking Orlistat?

Yes, it is recommended to incorporate regular physical activity into your routine when taking Orlistat. A healthy lifestyle, including exercise, is crucial for successful weight loss.

How do I take Orlistat?

The typical dose of Orlistat is one 120mg tablet to be taken immediately before, during, or within an hour after each of your three main meals of the day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

What should I do if I forget to take Orlistat?

If you forget to take Orlistat at the scheduled time, simply take it as soon as you remember and continue with your regular dosing schedule. Do not take extra tablets to make up for a missed dose.

What should I do if I take more Orlistat than I should?

If you accidentally take more Orlistat than prescribed, contact your doctor as soon as possible for guidance and advice.

What are the common side effects of Orlistat?

Common side effects of Orlistat may include abdominal pain, flatulence (wind) with discharge, headache, increased or urgent need to go to the toilet, liquid stools (diarrhoea), low blood sugar levels, oily discharge, and oily or fatty stools (steatorrhea).

Can I take Orlistat if I have allergies or certain medical conditions?

If you are allergic to Orlistat or any of its ingredients, pregnant or breastfeeding, have cholestasis (liver disorder), or chronic malabsorption syndrome, Orlistat may not be suitable for you. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for personalized advice.

Always consult the patient information leaflet (PIL) enclosed with your medicine for more detailed information and instructions. If you have any concerns or further questions, reach out to your healthcare professional for guidance.

Table of contents

Xenical (Orlistat) For Weight Loss

How does Xenical work?

How do I take Xenical?

Xenical side effects and cautions

Weight loss tips

Frequently asked questions

Additional resources

How to stop living a sedentary lifestyle

What are calories and how do I know how many I should be having in a day?

Treatment information

  • Name: Xenical
  • Active Ingredients: Orlistat
  • Manufacturer: Cheplapharm Arzneimittel GmbH
  • Administration: Oral
  • Presentation: Capsules
  • Available Strength: 120 mg
  • Exemption: Prescription only medicine
  • Application: Men and women over 18
  • Dosage: One capsule with water immediately before, during or up to one hour after each main meal.
  • Description: Weight loss in conjunction with mild hypo caloric diet.
  • Drug Class: Lipase inhibitor
  • Alcohol Consumption: Do not drink alcohol
  • When Pregnant: Do not consume. Speak to your doctor for further advice.
  • When Breastfeeding: Do not consume. Speak to your doctor for further advice.
  • Price: 21.99 GBP
Click here to view the Xenical (Orlistat) - Patient Information Leaflet

Authored & Reviewed By

Mohamed Imran Lakhi

Mohamed Imran Lakhi

MPharm - Lead Pharmacist
Imran Lakhi is the superintendent pharmacist and founder at Prescription Doctor. He has been at the core of our team.

Published on: 18/01/2017 Reviewed on: 13/03/2024

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