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Patient Reviews: How Surgical Face Masks Has Made a Difference

Buy Surgical Masks Online UK

Buy surgical masks online from our trusted UK pharmacy. We offer a fast next-day delivery on orders placed before 3pm.

Our surgical masks are available to buy in packs of 25 and packs of 50.

Surgical face masks are effective at protecting the respiratory tract from harmful substances in the air, such as dust, pollen, pollution and water droplets which may contain harmful chemicals, bacteria and viruses.

Typically, surgical masks are used in hospitals, clinics and other care giving environments to protect staff and patients from diseases.

What do surgical masks look like?

Surgical masks are pleated oblongs with elasticated hoops at each end.

The outside of the mask is a light blue while the inside of the mask is white. It is important to wear the face mask with the blue side facing outwards and not the other way around.

They are made from 3 layers of material which filter out particles in the air.

When you buy surgical masks online, they will be flat. When you don a surgical mask, you will need to adjust the mask so that it covers both your nose and mouth.

Are surgical masks the same as N95 respirator masks?

Surgical masks are not the same as N95 or FFP2 respirator masks. Respirator masks are made from different materials and are compliant with FFP and NIOSH standards. While surgical masks are not compliant with these standards, they are still effective at preventing harmful particles in the air.

If you are looking to buy KN95 respirators online, Prescription Doctor offers packs of up to 10 masks.

How do I wear a surgical mask?

It is important to take care when putting on and taking off your surgical mask.

Wash your hands before you put on the mask.

Place the mask on the palm of your hand with the blue side facing downwards.

Cover your nose and mouth with the mask, as if you were covering your mouth like you were coughing.

Stretch the white loops over the back of your ears to hold the mask in place.

Adjust the front of the mask to ensure both your nose and mouth and covered. Pull down the bottom of the face mask so that it covers your chin.

When removing your face mask, do not touch the front of the mask.

Unhook the ear loops from your ears.

Hold the surgical face mask by the loops when discarding it in the bin.

Always wash your hands after removing your face mask.

Do not discard your mask by throwing it onto the street. Keep the mask on your face until you are near a bin, in which you can discard the used face mask.

Tips for wearing face masks

Wearing a surgical mask can make affect your breathing. However, you should not lower the top of the mask to below your nose as this defeats the purpose of wearing a face mask in the first place. The mask must cover both your nose and mouth at all times.

One of the major complaints of wearing a surgical face mask for prolonged periods of time is irritation, chaffing or rubbing against the back of the ears. Here are some ways to prevent your surgical mask from rubbing your ears raw:

Use a face mask clip (also known as an "ear saver"):

These are strips of plastic with teeth or catches which the elasticated loops catch onto. They move the tension from behind your ears to the back of your head. You can also achieve the same effect by using a paper clip to secure the loops around the back of your head.

Use buttons on headbands and baseball caps:

Take a headband or baseball cap and affix medium to large buttons on either side, just above where your ears are. Then, loop the elasticated ear loops around the buttons instead of your ears.

Add padding around the ears and nose:

Add some tissue between your ears and the elastic loops to minimise friction from the mask. You could also use small pieces of sponge under the ear loops or across the part of the mask which sits atop the bridge of your nose.

If you experience irritation around the back of your ears, there are creams available, such as Sudocrem, which can reduce redness and pain from the material rubbing against your skin. Check with your doctor or a pharmacist to find the most suitable cream for you.

Do not carry your surgical face mask on your arm, tucked under your chin, on your head or dangling from one ear. If you do not need to wear a surgical mask for the time being, remove the face mask and discard of it appropriately.

Do not touch the front of your face mask whilst you are wearing it. Wearing a surgical mask can be uncomfortable at first, but it is important not to touch the front of the face mask. As you inhale through the mask, tiny particles in the air are drawn towards you but are caught in the fibres of the mask. Touching the blue area of the mask transfers these potentially harmful particles to your hands, which can then be passed on to other surfaces.

Do not move the mask away from your mouth to talk to someone - talk through the mask instead.

If you need to eat, remove the mask completely and discard of it safely. You may need to put on a new mask after eating.

Do not reuse the mask. Once you have used the surgical mask for as long as you needed to, throw it away. If your mask becomes visibly soiled, damaged or the integrity of the surgical mask is affected, throw the mask away.

Do not attempt to wash surgical masks as this can damage the materials, rendering the mask ineffective at protecting you and others.

Frequently asked questions

Will surgical face masks protect me from Coronavirus?

Surgical masks can block particles from coughs and sneezes, which may carry the virus, thus reducing your risk of catching or spreading coronavirus. However, surgical masks alone are not enough to protect yourself and others against Covid-19. You should always keep 2 meters apart from others and wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, even while wearing a mask.

Can surgical masks be reused?

Surgical masks cannot be reused. Once you have worn a face mask, you should discard of it responsibly in a bin. Surgical face masks cannot we washed and used again.

Can surgical masks be sterilised?

Surgical masks cannot be sterilised. We are aware that there exists guides online about "sterilising" face masks using an oven or microwave - all you are accomplishing by placing your face mask in a kitchen appliance is running the serious and very dangerous risk of causing a fire and damaging the face mask. Do not put surgical masks in the oven or microwave.

Can surgical face masks be worn on both sides?

Surgical face masks can only be worn with the blue side facing outwards. The masks are not reversible and reversing the mask after it has been worn increases your risk of inhaling contaminants including dust, pollen and moist air particles which may contain viruses and other harmful bacteria.

Are surgical masks FFP2?

Surgical face masks are not FFP2, nor are they equivalent to FFP2, N95 or KN95 face masks. Regardless, surgical face masks do offer protection from dust, pollen and water droplets which may carry germs in the air.

Where can I buy surgical face masks online?

You can buy surgical masks online from Prescription Doctor. All items are dispatched from our UK based pharmacy via a next-day courier service.

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Buy Surgical Masks Online UK

What do surgical masks look like?

How do I wear a surgical mask?

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