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Micralax Micro-Enema

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Treatment Information

Table of contents

Patient Reviews: How Micralax Micro-Enema Has Made a Difference

Buy Micralax Micro-Enema Online From A UK Pharmacy

Micralax Micro-Enema is a small disposable enema containing an osmotic laxative. It is used to relieve mild to moderate constipation in adults with limited mobility or when the bowels need to be cleaned before specific medical procedures, such as a colonoscopy or x-ray.

What is an enema?

An enema is a procedure in which fluid, such as water or medicine, is flushed into the bowels via the rectum (back passage). An enema may be used before an x-ray to get a clearer picture of the bones behind the bowels or before a colonoscopy or bowel surgery.

Micralax Micro-Enemas are single-use enemas which treat constipation by flushing the large intestine with a laxative to soften stools, making them easier to pass.

Where can I buy Micralax Micro-Enema for Constipation?

You can buy Micralax Micro-Enemas online from Prescription Doctor following a quick online consultation with our medical team to ensure the treatment is safe for you.

If our medical team approves your order before 3 pm, our UK pharmacy can dispatch the treatment the same day via a discreet next-day delivery. All items shipped from our pharmacy are packaged in discreet, plain packaging to ensure privacy.

What causes constipation?

Constipation is often described as the inability or struggles to defecate (pass stools). It can affect anyone at any time, though it may be more common in certain situations.

Pregnancy increases the chance of complications due to hormonal changes which occur during pregnancy. The intestinal muscles slow down, resulting in stools staying in the bowel for longer, causing constipation.

Eating little or no fibre in your diet can also leave you constipated. Fibre is an essential nutrient to keep our bowels moving regularly. It’s essential to consume plenty of foods packed with fibre.

Some medicines can also cause constipation, such as certain painkillers and high blood pressure tablets. If you suspect a medication is causing you constipation, speak to your doctor.

For most people, constipation is transient and can go away with time and dietary changes. However, other cases may be more severe and require laxatives.

Moreover, constant straining due to constipation can increase your risk of developing other conditions, such as haemorrhoids.

How Does Micralax Micro-Enema Work?

Micralax micro-enema works in two ways to relieve constipation.

Firstly, it contains an osmotic laxative called sodium citrate. This ingredient draws water from the body and into the bowels, softening the stools and allowing them to pass more quickly.

Secondly, it works because it is a liquid inserted into the rectum, which helps to lubricate and soften faecal matter. This helps to prevent straining or pain during difficult bowel movements.

Together, the ingredients bring quick relief from constipation in as little as 15 minutes.

Laxatives are not an effective treatment for weight loss and should not be used to lose weight. For appropriate weight loss treatments, speak to your doctor.

How Do I Use Micralax Micro-Enema?

Micralax Micro-Enemas are delivered rectally. The medicine comes in single-use tubes with a nozzle which you insert into your rectum (back passage) to administer the medication.

Only one tube should be used once a day.

Using Micralax Micro-Enema

You should follow the instructions in the patient information leaflet enclosed with your medicine.

  1. Firstly, wash your hands thoroughly. Manoeuvre your body into a position that makes it easy to insert and dispense the enema. You might find it easier to lie on your side with your knees upwards towards your stomach.
  2. Remove the cap from the tube’s nozzle and carefully insert the nozzle into your back passage.
  3. Once the entire nozzle is inserted, gently squeeze the tube until it is empty. Keep squeezing the tube as you remove it to prevent the medicine from being sucked back into the tube.
  4. Throw away the used tube in a bin. Do not flush the empty tube down the toilet.
  5. Don’t forget to wash your hands after using the enema.

Make sure you are near a toilet when you use the enema. Micralax Micro-Enemas work quickly to bring relief from constipation.

While using any laxative, it’s essential to drink plenty of water. Laxatives, such as Micralax, can lead to dehydration as they draw water from the rest of the body. Make sure to drink about eight glasses of water throughout the day to keep hydrated.

What should I do if I forget to use Micralax Micro-Enema when I should?

Don’t worry if you accidentally forget to use Micralax Micro-Enema when you should. Skip the missed dose and continue to take your next scheduled dose as usual. You should never use more enemas to make up for the one you missed.

If you regularly forget to take your medicine at the right time, setting the alarm will help you to remember.

What should I do if I use too many Micralax micro-enema?

If you use too many Micralax Micro-Enemas, you should go to your closest accident & emergency room as soon as possible. Take the medicine box with you, along with any remaining medication and the leaflet insert.

Micralax Micro-Enemas are packaged in individual tubes which deliver one dosage.

How long does Micralax take to work?

Micralax takes between 5 and 15 minutes to work, so ensure you are near a toilet after using the enema.

If you are still constipated after using Micralax Micro-Enemas for a few days, speak to your doctor. Do not try using more enemas, or using them more frequently, to relieve your constipation.

You should not use laxatives over a prolonged period. If you feel you need to keep using Micralax Micro-Enemas to keep you regular, speak to your doctor.

Micralax Micro-Enema Side Effects and Cautions

Before using Micralax Micro-Enemas, it’s important to read the accompanying patient information leaflet enclosed with your medicine. This leaflet contains important information regarding the safety of Micralax, including how to safely store and dispose of the enemas.

You can view the patient information leaflet for Micralax Micro-Enemas online if you prefer.

Side effects of Micralax Micro-Enema

All medicines carry the risk of side effects, though not everybody experiences them. It’s important to be aware of the risks associated with your medicine.

When used correctly, side effects of Micralax Micro-Enemas are unlikely.

However, using Micralax too often may cause diarrhoea and dehydration.

If you experience any side effects after using Micralax Micro-Enemas, regardless of whether they are mentioned above or in the patient information leaflet, speak to your doctor for advice.


Do not use Micralax Micro-Enemas if you are allergic to Sodium Citrate, Sodium alkylsulphoacetate, or any of the other ingredients listed in the patient information leaflet.

If you experience the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop using Micralax Micro-Enemas and seek immediate medical attention by going straight to your nearest accident and emergency department. Remember to take the packaging and any remaining medicine with you so that doctors know exactly what you have used.

Signs of an allergic reaction include:

  • Chest tightening
  • Dry, red and cracked skin
  • Itchy, red, watery eyes
  • Raised, itchy, red rash (hives)
  • Swelling of the lips, tongue, eyes or face
  • Tummy pain, nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea
  • Wheezing

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

If you are pregnant, think you might be pregnant or breastfeeding, speak to your doctor before using Micralax Micro-Enemas.

Other safety information

If you have any questions about the medicine or your constipation, you can send us a message which we can pass on to our medical team. You can also send a message to one of our doctors via your Prescription Doctor account.

It’s important to let our medical team be aware of other medicines you may be taking, including those on-prescription or bought over the counter, as well as health and herbal supplements.

While taking Laxatives, you should make sure to drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. You should aim for between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day to prevent dehydration.

Do not use Micralax Micro-Enemas past the expiry date printed on the packaging. The date refers to the last day of that month.

Never throw away medicine via household or water waste, as this can damage the environment. Instead, you should ask your local pharmacy to dispose of any unwanted or expired medicines for you. Check with your local pharmacy to ensure they offer this service beforehand.

Always store Micralax Micro-Enemas out of sight and reach from children and pets.

Never share your medicine with anybody else, even if they are experiencing the same symptoms or have the same condition as you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink alcohol while taking Micralax micro-enema?

It is advised that you do not drink alcohol while suffering from constipation.

Will Micralax micro-enema impact my ability to drive or operate machinery?

No, Micralax Micro-Enema should not impact your ability to drive or operate heavy machinery.

How Should I Store Micralax Micro-Enema?

You should keep Micralax Micro-Enema in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It’s a good idea to keep the medication in the same box as the leaflet insert.

Always keep medications out of the reach of children.

Can I take Micralax Micro-Enema with other medication?

Yes, you should be able to take Micralax Micro-Enema when taking other medications. Always inform your doctor of any medications or supplements you are taking (including herbal remedies).

Who Can Take Micralax Micro-Enema?

Adults can take Micralax Micro-Enema. Do not use this medication on children unless told to by a doctor. It can not be used on children under the age of 3. Micralax Micro-Enema can not be used by people with inflammatory bowel disease.

You should always consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking a new medication, especially if you have any other underlying conditions or illnesses.

What should I do if I accidentally get Micralax Micro-Enema solution in my eye?

If you accidentally get the solution in your eye, rinse your eyes with cool, fresh water. If the pain persists, speak to your doctor. You should always wash your hands before and after using Micralax Micro-Enema.

Treatment information

  • Product Name: Micralax Micro-Enema
  • Manufacturer: RPH Pharmaceuticals AB
  • Active Ingredient(s): Sodium citrate and sodium alkylsulphoacetate.
  • Administration: Rectal
  • Presentation: Enema
  • Available Strength: 450 mg (sodium citrate) and 45 mg (sodium alkylsulphoacetate)
  • Exemption: Pharmacy only
  • Dosage: Use 1 enema a day for up to 14 days.
  • Description: Micralax Micro-Enemas provide quick relief from constipation in adults.
  • Drug Class: Osmotic laxative
  • Alcohol Consumption: Avoid or limit alcohol consumption which treating constipation
  • When Pregnant: Speak to your doctor before using Micralax if you are pregnant or suspect you might be pregnant.
  • When Breastfeeding: Speak to your doctor before using Micralax if you are breastfeeding.
  • Price: 8.49 GBP
Click here to view the Micralax Micro-Enema - Patient Information Leaflet

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Adil Bhaloda

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