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10 tips to stay stress free at work

No matter what your job is, whether you love or loathe it, you probably will have experienced work-related stress.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in 2017/2018, 595,000 people in the UK reported work-related stress at a level they felt was making them ill. That was a total of 40% of all work-related illness.

There may be times you have multiple deadlines, important meetings or presentations. All of these elements can add pressure to your workday, which can leave you feeling stressed out.

However, work stress can become long-term, with hours getting longer and deadlines getting tighter. This can leave you feeling anxious, drained and overwhelmed. It is important you take steps to manage your stress levels before it gets to this stage.

Here are 10 top tips on how to stay stress free at work…

1. Maintain a Healthy Work Life Balance

Having a work life balance is vital for your overall health and well-being. Aim to work smarter not longer by prioritising tasks and focusing on quality not quantity. Know when to switch off for the day and relax opposed to thinking about work.

2. Take Breaks On time

Do not work through your breaks and lunch or cut them short. Taking your breaks is imperative for your personal well-being and will help lighten a heavy workload. You will feel refreshed afterwards and will be able to refocus on your work.

3. Do Not Suffer in Silence

If your workload is getter bigger and you are already struggling then speak to your manager. It is important you have a discussion to talk about the tasks you have, how long they take you to complete and the resources they require. Any challenges you are facing need to be brought up and you can put forward any suggestions for a solution.

4. Set Clear Boundaries

Setting boundaries and disconnecting from work will help your mental, emotional and physical health. To help beat the stress do not: Check your work email or phone outside of work, take work home and work longer than your contracted working hours. Doing this will cause you to burn out and will trigger more stress.

5. Take Care of Yourself

When you have lots of work on, it can be easy to neglect your physical health. However, when going through stressful periods, it is even more crucial to look after your health. A nutritious diet and daily exercise will increase your energy and lift your mood up.

6. Get Enough Sleep

A good night’s sleep will help with your productivity, creativity, problem-solving skills and overall ability to focus. The more z’s you catch the better you will be able to tackle your job and deal with the stresses of your workplace.

7. Spend Time On Your Hobbies

Life comes with plenty of stresses not just work related. This can lead you to not make time for the hobbies you once loved. Whether you enjoy playing a musical instrument, taking yoga classes or painting. When you have something to look forward to, it can help uplift your mood.

8. Learn To Say No

Do not be tempted to take on more work just to win praise from your manager. By overworking yourself you may end up resenting your job. Recognise what your capabilities are and be aware of the time you have to get tasks done.

9. Limit Your Caffeine Intake

Rather than drinking copious cups of coffee opt to have chamomile tea instead. Chamomile tea helps to relieve stress due to the calming properties. It also promotes muscle relaxation and it can also improve the quality of your sleep.

10. De-clutter Your Desk

Having an organised working environment will help you feel more in control. If you have a desk filled with clutter, it will not help your stress levels. So at the end of your working day, always get rid of unnecessary paperwork, any stationery and clean out your drawers. When you come into work the next morning your desk will be nice and clear. Hopefully making you feel more ready to tackle the day ahead.

Remember, if you are overwhelmed with stress, it may be best if you take time off. Give yourself time to fully recuperate so you can come back to work feeling recharged.


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